The Production Products website is used on the Internet as a means of reaching out to the communities we serve. Persons visiting Production Products on the internet may do so without identifying yourself and without making known to Production Products anything about yourself. However, you may choose to identify yourself to Production Products by sharing information about yourself. That information may include your name, company, telephone number, and email address, to initiate communication with us. If you do not wish Production Products to use this information for further contact in the future, we will do so and respect your choice in that regard.

Production Products from time to time analyzes data from site visits to help provide a higher level of customer service, help in the development of the website and diagnose problems with our server. The data potentially used for that task can include, the tracking of domains, I.P. addresses, operating systems, and webpage browser types. We also monitor and measure visitor activity in such a way as to keep the information anonymous. This aggregate level information is used to analyze patterns and trends of our visitors. This information is generally not reviewed at an individual level. Production Products never shares data with other organizations.

From time-to-time links to other sites appear on the Production Products website. Production Products is not responsible for any content or privacy practices of those other websites.

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